but mom how will other people know that you, a white Texan, are a Christian



I bet those two are couple now..

I’m gay

me too

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all new covers for the US [already out] and the UK [coming in September]

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And that’s why they’re friends.

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smash bros is upon us

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You're a plague on humanity


my tracker says youre using internet explorer so who’s the real plague here

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would it be cultural appropriation to wear a kilt???






dunno but why would u?

tbh I don’t understand cultural appropriation in the slightest, and it sounds a lot like Tumblr’s new social justice fad.
I don’t it’d fly in the real world at all.
But, I’m open to learning, so if someone wants to share their views, I’d invite it.

there’s a lot of information and incredibly valid reasons out there why it’s a bad thing I can straight up tell you that if somebody appropriated and defaced my culture I wouldn’t let them get away with it. I can tell you it’s definitely not a fad at all. A lot of things/traditions/practices/clothing have heavy cultural significance and to take anything like that and just wear it for fun is disrespectful and a line people shouldn’t but regularly cross. Excusing cultural appropriation allows for the mockery of any cultures being appropriated so I’d like rather nobody gave it a go at all, stick to your own shit.

See? I can’t believe that. I think that… that just paints such an ugly picture of the world. Why would I not want to explore every inch of what humanity has created throughout our time here? I want to taste every flavour, experience every adventure, see every sight, and do so with respect.

I don’t even know what my culture is anymore. Everything has become so fluid. I think the reason that… this is just so foreign to me, is that I was raised in such a multi-cultural place and country. In Canada, I grew up eating Dutch and Ukranian food, speaking French and Japanese (my neighbours), watching American Television, listening to Chinese music, playing sports of other nationalities. Tell me, what’s wrong with that?

Was it cultural appropriation when I did Ramadan for the first time? I was living with a Muslim host family in Quebec, and Ramadan began while I lived with them. I asked them politely if I could try it, that I had read up a lot on it the night before, and I thought it was a beautiful holiday. While I lived with her, I couldn’t help but notice how stunning my host mother was with her head dress on, when she was praying. Their knowledge and wisdom  from their culture given to me is something I hold dear to me. And every year, I have celebrated Ramadan, or at least what I’m capable of pulling off.

I can’t. I’m sorry, this idea is just so foreign to me.

I’m a boy who was raised dancing with natives, speaking with the Japanese, eating with the Italians.
Are you telling me that all these experiences were cultural appropriation? That, every single human being doesn’t have the right to choose their own culture, their own identity. That because of my race, skin colour, and ethnicity, I must confine myself to my ‘defined’ culture?

Well I got news for you. I wasn’t raised to have a ‘specific’ culture, and most people here aren’t.

So if it’s cultural appropriation to find beauty in other cultures, to celebrate them respectfully, then so be it, label me how you wish.

But I refuse to confine myself, and others to any one set of beliefs, ideas, and lifestyles because you feel that they don’t ‘belong’.

Now, perhaps I’m viewing it all wrong. I’m struggling to understand something that offends so many people. If you can say something to help me understand, then please, do it.

Honestly, cultural appropriation is bullshit. The whole point of culture is that it be distinguishable and shareable. Isolating a culture to a specific skin tone is racism.

What’s hilarious about this whole stupid concept, is that none of you social justice hypocrites stopped to consider this: English. The language of WHITE PEOPLE. Why are you speaking it? Cultural appropriation. White people. Do you even know what a white person is? Like, where we come from? It’s this magical place called Europe. Do you know how many countries are in Europe? I’ll fill you in since I don’t want you to have to culturally appropriate on the math culture. It’s 52. Let me help put that number in perspective for you: your average grades in high school. Now then. 52 different countries from which white people come from. That’s 52 different cultures. Do you know what the United States is? It’s called a melting pot. It’s this place where many cultures come together and blend together and become one great big culture. Kind of like how a single bird is covered in many feathers. Every feather is different and distinguishable, but it’s what makes the bird beautiful. Cultural appropriation is just an excuse to be racist towards white people. It’s a double standard and it’s keeping prejudice alive.

So do me a favour and keep your self righteous social justice posts off the internet so I don’t have to deal with the brain cell loss from reading your posts.


Lookin at the new ad for the 3DS faceplates like 


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Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

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